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They protested. They occupied. They wandered. Over time, they gathered over one simple idea.

What if someone fought to preserve the natural world as hard as those who abused it?


They were artists, outsiders, and ex-soldiers. Now they are Le Gang de la Clé de Singe, a new insurgency with a timeless mission, yet unburdened by the old ways of peace and principled action. As the destroyers have wrought on the earth, The Monkey Wrench does unto them. They hunt. They kill. They take trophies. And with the world’s poachers, game hunters, and toxin-dumping dilettantes in their sights, their season of carnage is neverending

Under the command of their indefatigable point man - a trained killer known only as “Rodin” - the gang is about to unleash a storm mankind has yet to see in the modern age. A campaign of terror against the privileged and cruel that will turn the upper echelons of the world inside out. How long can one band maintain against prey with armies, governments, half the world at their beck and call? 


That’s the trouble with being the 1%... you’re always on edge of extinction.

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The Worldwide Affiliates of Safari Partners, W.A.S.P. has challenged Le Gang de la Clé de Singe to a winner take all deathmatch on the desert island of Kanacea, in Fiji’s Lau Archipelago. The battle will pit five of W.A.S.P.’s best hunters against the best five eco-warriors of Le Gang de la Clé de Singe. Warriors Rodin, Iceman, Isala, Sue B, and Fu Hao are reunited once more as Le Gang de la Clé de Singe’s all-star killer team, literally. 

If W.A.S.P. wins, Le Gang de la Clé de Singe will agree to will stop killing big game hunters, but may continue hunting poachers and all illegal game traders. If Le Gang de la Clé de Singe wins, all W.A.S.P. members will agree to stop the hunting of elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, and African buffalo. 

Revenge of the Beast tells of the eco-warrior's adventures from Botswana, Oklahoma, Texas, Viet Nam, to the south Pacific island of Kanacea and points in between. The saga of Buzz Murdock and his colossus friend, Bumbley Bee, a 1600 pound Bumble Bee Grouper continues. Bumbley, who had been rescued from poachers in Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica now resides in the waters off of southern Viet Nam. And Buzz is once more called upon to aid his best friend Rodin and his team.



The true story based on actual historical alternative facts of Butch Cassidy, Che Guevara, and the Sundance Kid, their lives, and the day they died as narrated by the only surviving member of the Wild Bunch, William “News” Carver. 

News Carver recounts the Wild Bunch’s days of thieving, rustling, robbing, and killing. Of their having to leave the west behind and of their encounters with Bonny and Clyde and Lucky Luciano before heading off to escape to South America. It was on their voyage to Argentina that they had a chance meeting with a teenage Ernesto “Che” Guevara in Cuba that would form a bond that years later would eventually link their destinies together in a final climax at Fig Tree Gulch. 

Discover the real truth, not history book truth, but Wild West truth when Butch Cassidy, Che Guevara, and the Sundance Kid died in Bolivia at the hands of the CIA with the help of Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie.

It’s the story “they” don’t want you to know.



M Ward Leon is a former advertising creative director who started his career at Doyle Dane Bernbach, New York, during the Madmen era. While at DDB, his writing on the Volkswagen Rabbit campaign won him inclusion into the Smithsonian Institution Advertising Archives. Recently his writing has earned him two Emmy Awards for Public Service advertising. 
He is a graduate of California State University Los Angeles and an alumnus of Art Center College of Design.


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The Strange and Curious Cases of

Roscoe Brown

Detective, NYPD

Set in the backdrop of 1960s Coney Island, Detective Sergeant Roscoe Brown and his partner Detective Jimmy Walsh of the Homicide Unit solve some of the most strange and curious murder cases New York has ever seen.

To the tourist, Coney Island is known as the “Playground of the World”: home of the Wonder Wheel, Steeplechase Park, and the famed Cyclone roller coaster. On the surface, Coney Island is all fun and games, but there’s the dark underbelly of evil, depravity, and murder that is the world of Detective Sergeant Roscoe Brown.

Detective Sgt. Roscoe Brown is a hybrid of iconic detectives of a bygone era; he is an amalgamation of the old school, hard-nosed, tough, no-nonsense cop. Who always goes by the book… most of the time. His cases involve serial killers, psychos, assassins, and Nazis. Bizarre cases that include everything from a murdering polygamist to a street gang cross-dressing killer. From a Nazi revenge executioner to the real untold story behind the JFK assassination. Finally, the sensational untold stories locked away for years in the dusty files of the NYPD are brought to light.

In the sordid world of Detective Sergeant Roscoe Brown, there are only three kinds of people, either you’re a witness, a suspect, or you’re the victim.


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